Air Humidity, Temperature and Barometric Pressure Sensor

The TBSHTP01 is an

air humidity and temperature sensor

with SDI-12 interface. The sensor uses a single chip sensor element which measures both temperature and air humidity. An additional MEMS chip measures barometric pressure.

Each sensor chip is individually factory-calibrated. The RHT sensor chip is protected with a PBT filter cap carrying a PTFE membrane with 1.5µm pore size.

The TBSHT01 Board is conformally coated and fit into an off shelf sensor housing. An additional fine grid nylon mesh provides dust and insect protection. The sensor including bend protection has a length of 115mm and a diameter of 12mm.

• Air humidity, temperature and barometric pressure sensor
• SDI-12 Interface
• Temperature resolution: 0.01°C
• Temperature accuracy tolerance:
+5°C to + 60°C: typ. ±0.2°C, max. ±0.4°C,
-40°C to +5°C: max. ±1°C,
+60°C to +85°C: max. ±0.75°C
• Air humidity resolution: 0.04% RH
• Air humidity accuracy tolerance:
10% to 90%: typ. ±1.8%RH, max. ±2%RH,
0% to 10%: max. ±4%RH,
90% to 100%: max. ±4%RH
• Barometric pressure range: 300-1100hPa (+9000 …-500m above sea level)
• Barometric pressure resolution: 0,03hPa
• Barometric pressure accuracy: ±1hPa
• SDI-12 Standard V1.3
• Plug and Play
• 6 - 16V supply voltage
• Board: 70 mm x 8.5 mm x 3mm
• Housing: 115 mm, Ø 12 mm
• Operating Temperature Range:- 40°C … + 85°C
• Excellent price-performance ratio
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