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OUTPOST - Internet soil moisture monitoring

We would be pleased to have the opportunity to discuss your soil moisture monitoring requirements. Please feel free to email us regarding any questions about the technologies, soil charts and costs of the service.

We are able to provide this service to customers anywhere in Australia where there is mobile phone coverage.
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Our task is to make it easy for you to get your data and for you to get on with your work.

Our Internet based advisory services uses data recorder such as Sentek EnviroSCAN soil moisture probes which
transmit your field data to our web site via the mobile phone services. Our web site becomes your data storage area.
We process your data and post soil moisture charts on our web site into your own secure area.

Your soil moisture charts can be emailed to you and are available on our web site 24 / 7. These charts are generally
updated once or twice per day. When the soil chart is updated, you are automatically sent an email message to advise
that new charts are available for viewing. If you have a mobile phone suitable for viewing charts then you can connect to
your charts via your phone. The Apple iPhone is one such mobile phone which allows viewing of the soil moisture
charts in quite high resolution. see image below.
We provide advisory comments on the charts showing rates of irrigation water depletion and suggested irrigation

The soil probe shown to right measures the soil moisture and various depths down through the soil profile.
Measurements are usually taken by the probe every hour.

This information is stored on-board the memory chip of the soil probe to be uploaded to the Internet via the mobile
phone network. We usually program the probes to upload data once or twice per day.
The soil moisture chart is a plot of the continuous soil moisture conditions. The chart ( or plot ) indicates the
changing status of soil moisture conditions. Most importantly the chart shows the relative change of soil moisture
from one period to the next.

We have set up a demonstration soil probe under a macadamia tree. If you click on the image on the right you can
see an example of a soil moisture chart.

We can provide data for each individual sensor or combine all the sensor values together.

With experience it is possible to identify periods where plant water use is decreasing due to lack of soil moisture.
It is possible to ' see ' the plant working harder and harder to extract soil moisture.

IrriMAX summed soil chart

We can also plot a number of soil sensors together. While this type of chart is a little difficult to interpret at first it
is possible to identify the depths in the soil profile from which the plant is extracting water.

The same chart can be used to ' view ' the movement of soil moisture down through the profile after an irrigation or
fertigation period.

This type information is vital for efficient irrigation management.
IrriMAX stacked soil chart

Email - info@peakmonitoring.com.au