EnviroPRO specs
Internet based soil moisture network
Local host based soil moisture network

The EnviroPro soil probe

will connect to a range of data recorders and the e-LinkOutpost and Adcon suite of telemetry devices

The EnviroPro™ is a slimline completely sealed maintenance free probe. This is available in 40, 80, 120 and 160cm lengths, with sensors positioned every 10cm down the length of the probe. Each sensor has three outputs; soil moisture, temperature and salinity.

The probe can be configured to output any combination of moisture, temperature and salinity from any of the sensors down the profile.

The EnviroPro™ has a unique technique that measures absolute soil moisture content, instead of just returning soil moisture levels like most other capacitance probes on the market today.

Also, as the EnviroPro™ is a fully potted and sealed probe, it can be buried below ground level.

Therefore it is an ideal probe for use in any crop where the probe head must not protrude from the soil surface.

Examples are pasture, turf, playing surfaces, lucerne, and broad acre.
Parameter Range/Specification Accuracy/Qualifier
Method HF Capacitance
Power Supply 6 to 14 VDC
Sensor depths:
EP100C-04: 40cm probe
EP100C-08: 80cm probe
EP100C-12: 120cm probe
EP100C-16: 160cm probe
10 cm resolution
Interface (digital) TLL / RS232 / SDI-12
Direct or multidrop up to 200 metres
Power Consumption Idle 300 uA
During Measurement 60 mA for 1.4 seconds
During Data Transfer 18 mA for 0.4 seconds
Soil Moisture
(Volumetric Soil Moisture Content)
0 to 100% Accuracy +/- 1% in reference
medium at 0 to 35%
Soil Temperature -10 Deg C to 60 Deg C +/- 1 Deg C
Soil Salinity 0 to 6 dS/m +/- 5%
Diameter 34.5mm
Sub surface EnviroPRO soil sensors with telemetry and rain gauge
Installed Peak 2010
Soil probes made for different depths
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Sub surface EnviroPRO moisture sensor with Adcon telemetry and rain gauge.
Installed Peak 2010