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Cloud based monitoring
Local host based monitoring

Cloudlink  - Environmental Data Acquisition System (DAQ) - Open Platform.

There are two main options.

1. Local data processing using eBase recorder connected to PC.
2. Cloud extended eBase recorder with Internet modem.

The Cloudlink based monitoring is based on an Open Platform concept. Information
collected over the radio network, or by the standalone gateway recorder, is sent to a
remote server via mobile ( cell ) phone services. The recorded data is converted to a
standard comma separated value file. This file can then be easily incorporated into
spreadsheets residing on the users computer or into graphical software. We have
provided auto export functions to create compatibility with Sentek IrriMAX
environmental and soil moisture software.

In addition, the Open Platform csv file format allows the data to be easily incorporated
into Google spreadsheets, Google Earth and Google Fusion Geospatial applications.

The system comprises of relatively few components.
These are
Solar powered field transmitters ( e433 or e 151 )
eBase data recorder - ( local or Cloud extended)

Data collected by the Cloud server is converted into csv file type which you can import
to third party software. Any data collected over the eLink network, or the eLink data
logger  will have a similar file structure.

Click on the Cloud or logger to see example of csv file structure

Aternatively use our script tool to convert to Sentek.sdb file format for Sentek soil


ProbeLINK radios

Supports up to three SDI-12 input address.
Supports mutliple sensor per SDI-12 address
Data protocol SDI-12 ( eg Sentek EnviroSMART, and EnviroPRO )
Power requirements - 12 volts DC
Power consumption
sleep mode 2 milliamperes
scan mode 60 milliamperes

Transmission distances :-
e 433 - up to 1 kilometre line of sight
e 151 - up to 10 kilometres line of sight
What is Cloudlink.

The Cloudlink DAQ system is based on Open Platform philosophy combining state of art hardware engineering with options for
data handling and visualisation.

The final output from the Cloudlink data collection system is a standard csv file. We provide options for data visualisation using
very flexible, powerful Open Source charting tools.

We provide a range of interactive chart templates so you do not have to worry about writing chart script.

Importantly,  we provide auto export functions to convert data into formats so you can view, for example, soil moisture data in
Sentek IrriMAX or MLOG,  or geo-spatial data in Google tools such as Google Earth and Google Fusion.

Cloudlink builds on our 25 years of experience providing cost effective data telemetry and data acquisition systems for
environmental monitoring.

Cloudlink provides a single integrated product for acquiring and viewing remote field data.

Cloudlink has been designed to support the SDI-12 data protocol which is extensively used in scientific instrumentation. We have
conversion devices to convert analogue signals ( voltage, current ) to SDI-12 format.

Cloudlink has been designed specifically for use in agriculture for the collection of soil moisture ( and other ) data from remote
areas of a farm or region for the purpose of irrigation scheduling and water management.

Cloudlink has been designed to acquire soil data from Sentek EnviroSMART SDI-12 soil probes.

The systems will also collect data from the Australian designed EnviroPRO soil probe. These probes are extensively used in
irrigated agriculture in Australia and data can be displayed using 'on line' and local computer soil charting software.

For irrigated agriculture, up to three soil probes can connected to the one field node (e433 or e151).

Field nodes can be optionally polled from the eBase recorder thus allowing remote dignostics and setup.

Email -
Soil moisture data presentation software using Sentek IrriMAX
Click Cloud to see example of soil moisture data csv file structure which you can use in thrird party software.
Datalink SDI-12 radio transciever.

Above example of eLINK dynamic data visualisation using
Google Earth and Google Fusion tools
Google Fusion map - color gradient polygon for dissolved oxygen mg/L

demo data only - not valid
0 - 2
2.1 - 3.0
3.1 - 6.9
7 - 12
Explainer for above chart and Google Earth image

The Cloud based eLINK recorder produces a csv file which may reside on any server. This csv file can be imported into spreadsheets and data bases. In the above example, the
geographical sample area for water dissolved oxygen is depicted on a Google Earth map as a gradient value.

This same approach can be used to graphically depict soil moisture levels of irrigation areas. 

Demo data only
Demo only - not valid data

Google earth is used here ( at right ) to link Sentek derived soil
moisture charts. Sentek IrriMAX software is used to create html
based soil charts.

This approach allows geo-spatial viewing of monitoring areas and
is one of a number of tools to help visualise field data.

Click on the red area within the map
Environmental monitoring with eLInK and Google Earth and Google Fusion
Soil moisture data presentation software using Sentek IrriMAX
View soil mositure charts and also make notes using your personal or shared On - Line Irrigation Diary and Spreadsheet

It is not difficult to set up on-line diaries and spreadsheets using Google applications. These diaries and spreadsheets can be used for simple record keeping and be linked to a
Google map as shown to below. These diaries and spreadsheets can be viewed and edited by you on-line from anywhere or by anyone with access permission ( login and
password )

You may like to use the spreadsheet to keep records and calculations of events and reference back to your soil moisture and irrigation activities.

To see an example of an On- line diary click here

To see an example of my on-line spreadsheet click here
To see soil charts click on icon in the irrigation area below