For just about any parameter that can be monitored we are able to provide a wide range of options to choose from.

Particularly meteorological services are very picky when it comes to the quality of sensors, and only the best is good enough. That's why we carefully select for you the right sensors for the right application. Choose the right sensor for your needs:

Solar radiation: we offer almost the full range of Kipp & Zonen products

Temperature and relative humidity: choose between our own TR1 sensor and a range of Vaisala products

Precipitation: select the model you wish amongst 2 different versions of Adcon's RG1 model, and 2 different version of our professional rain gauge, built for us by one of Germany's top manufacturers in this industry.

Wind speed and direction: while we offer a Swiss made combi sensor for standard and agricultural applications, we offer a professional set of sensors, built for us by one of Germany's top manufacturers in this industry. On top of this we alos provide you with high-end ultra-sonic sensors such as the WS425 fro Vaisala. Most of these sensors are also available in heated versions.
Near real time
Internet water monitoring
Solar radiation monitoring
- installation by Peak

Environmental services

We design, build, install and operate water quality monitoring systems which are economical and will provide many years of service.

The technology deployed will vary depending on user requirements and budgets.

We have many years of experience using TPS Scientific water instruments. We can connect this technology to our X Tech series data recorders ( NRIE - Australia ) to provide on-line Internet based data recording. Typical parameters measured , but not limited to, are water dissolved oxygen ( In-Situ USA) , pH, electrical conductivity, water level, water temperature. See on - line example.
The image right shows a weather station, consisting of an A733 addWAVE radio
logger and all the sensors required to compute the most common disease models,
be those disease models for tree crops like apples and pears (e.g. apple scab, fire
blight), for grapes (downy and powdery mildew, botrytis) or for arable crops like
potatoes and vegetables (phytophtora, alternaria, etc.).

Many of these models are delivered free of charge with a copy of the Adcon DSS
software addVANTAGE Pro 5.4.

Precision irrigation means more than turning a sprinkler on or off. It requires full
knowledge and control over a variety of parameters, such as

- Soil moisture
- Micro climate
- Reference ETo
- Irrigation quantity
- Water level in tanks, canals and aquifers,
- Pump runtime and failure
- Valve control
- and many others more.

We have multiple options for monitoring these parameters so please post a question
relating to your monitoring needs.
Water monitoring station - designed and installed by Peak
Internet monitoring of irrigation. Instaled and supported by Peak
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