Example of near real time water quality monitoring.

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Tech details - data collected using e-Link programmable recorder which has 3 * SDI-12 inputs , four analogue / digital inputs and two counter inputs . Recorder uploads field information to our web site at user defined intervals. (in this example 20 minute). Recorder has on-board statistical functions for data averaging, max min computations, rainfall totals, alarm generation and SMS messaging. Recorder can be checked and reprogrammed via dial-in modem or over Internet. Recorder has TCP/IP functions and is user configurable. The recorder also acts an Internet Gateway for the e-Link licence free radio telemetry devices operating in 433 MHz , 151 MHz and 900 Spread Spectrum frequencies. See diagrammatic concept of radio monitoring network.

Project designed, installed and maintained by Peak Environmental Monitoring for Local Government Flood Plain management. Data management, and charting via Peak Monitoring web servers.
Email - info@peakmonitoring.com.au
Examples of water quality monitoring stations
designed, built and maintained by Peak.

Stations originally installed by Peak in 2001 and upgraded in 2014 for Internet based near real time data display
Monitoring - water dissolved oxygen, pH, EC, temperature, water level , rainfall
Sensors scanned by data recorder at 5 minute intervals and averaged 30 minute intervals ( user settable )
Direct remote login - via cell phone network ( M2M) for reprogramming and diagnostics
Internet uploads and data processing at settable ( 5 mins up to hours ) intervals
Alarm generation on input signals via SMS
Examples of instrumentation used and connected to data recorders
TPS Scientific ( Australia )  - WP 81, pH, EC, water temperature ( via dedicated data logger RS 232 port )
In-Situ Inc ( USA) dissolved oygen ( analogue output type )
Hydrological Services ( Aust ) rain gauges and water level sensors

Water pH
Rocky Mouth
Dissolved oxygen
Site 1

Water height
( meters AHD)