Environmental monitoring

Sustainable Landfill Design by Monitoring and Managing Cap Infiltration
Demonstration of the Application of a Soil Moisture Monitoring System at the Mt. Leyshon Tailings
Dam and Waste Rock
Cover System
Wastewater Management Editorial BRL Hardy Winery Berri Woodlot - A Case Study

Sentek Scientific reference list
List of scientific and technical publications
Case Studies and work examples

Peak Environmental Monitoring - Urban Irrigation Management (2.9 meg file size)
Peak Environmental Monitoring - Effect of irrigation on Macadamia
Peak Environmental Monitoring - EnviroSCAN PLUS system in blueberries
Peak Environmental Monitoring - Irrigation Management Services
Peak Environmental Monitoring - Locker Valley irrigation scheduling project
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Below is a list of case studies undertaken by Sentek, Sentek distributors and end users.
This page is provided as a general reference source involving the use and applications of
the Sentek technologies and other technologies.

Banana Farmer uses EnviroSCAN to improve Drip Irrigation Management and Increase
Third Generation Citrus Grower Commanding Water Efficiency with EnviroSCAN
EnviroSCAN® the original and still the best in Cotton
Queensland Cotton Grower Increases Yield and Water Use Efficiency with Sentek’s Diviner
DIVINER 2000® Divine Time and Money Savings for Grape Growing Brothers
Mangoes and soil moisture monitoring
EnviroSCAN® The Original and Still the Best in Potatoes!
Significant Increases in Grape Quality and a 30% Water Saving ? How?
EnviroSCAN® The Original and Still the Best in Stone Fruit
A case study from Western Australia - agronomic, environmental, economic benifits
Measuring Soil Moisture To Improve Yield & Wine Quality
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